Security Officer Cover Letter

Security Officer Cover Letter Sample 1:

I am writing to express my interest in the Security Officer position vacant at your company. I came to know about the vacancy from Mr. Miles Baker, who works in your Finance department. I understand you are looking for a young, dynamic, and experienced Security officer for your Chicago office. My educational background and three years of experience in security, I believe, make me a suitable candidate for this post.

I enrolled in a 12-month security training course after completing school. Immediately upon completion of my training, I joined Janper Inc. (where I am working till date) as a junior security officer. Impressed by my superior performance and expertise, the management promoted me to the position of Senior Security Officer last year.

At present my job responsibilities include, among others, the following:

  • Manage a team of 20 security guards
  • Patrol industrial premises to prevent and detect intrusion and ensure the security of gates, doors, and windows
  • Call the police in case of an emergency
  • Monitor the CCTV cameras and inform the administrative department in case of a technical glitch
  • Maintain relevant company logs and records books
  • Undertake periodic testing of security equipment
  • Assist in the training of new staff members in the Security department

A professional to the core, I am adept in safety and crisis management. In addition to these skills, I bring strong leadership and oral communication skills to the table.

All other relevant information regarding work experience along with my educational background is mentioned in my resume. I am very excited at the prospect of joining your company and look forward to a face-to-face meeting with you.

Security Officer Cover Letter Sample 2:

I am a college graduate and have undergone security training at SecureNow, which I completed in 2006. Formal training helped me develop the ability to identify and effectively deal with threats. The mock sessions during the training also instilled in me good analytic qualities, which I believe are very important for this job.

My 7 years of security experience provided me with ample opportunities to hone and perfect my skills On numerous occasions, during my tenure as a security officer, I have received accolades from management for my successful handling of emergency situations.

I offer you:

  • Proven ability to lead a team of security guards (at present I am managing a team of 12 security personnel)
  • Expertise in compiling reports and notes
  • Proven capability to arrest law offenders
  • Demonstrated ability to inquire into crimes and accidents
  • Ability to monitor and immediately respond to alarm system activation
  • Ability to carry out patrols, internal and external

I am an honest, hardworking, punctual, and grounded person. These qualities have kept me in good stead in my professional life and I believe will serve me well in the future too.

You can further read details about my professional achievements, job responsibilities, work experience, and academic qualifications in my resume, which is attached with this application for your perusal. I would welcome an opportunity to meet you in person to discuss my suitability for the job.

Security Officer Cover Letter Sample 3:

I am applying for the position of security officer as detailed on your website. I have held positions that are similar to the one that you described, and I feel that my previous employment has prepared me specifically for a position like this. Specifically, my five years as a bouncer for Pride, a popular local nightclub, has taught me various skills that will allow me to perform at an experienced level for you in your position.

In my previous employment, I learned to keep a level head even in the most volatile situations. I believe that one of my most important and useful talents is the ability to diffuse a situation without violence. I always keep an eye open for potential problems that may occur and I have developed strategies that help to divert potentially dangerous situations before they ever occur. For instance, if I see someone suspicious in an area that they should not be in, I can often completely distract them by kindly asking, “May I help you?”

Although most of the techniques that I have learned cannot be described on paper, I feel confident that I will be able to communicate them to you well in person. If you feel as though I’m a fit for your position, please do not hesitate to give me a call at the phone number below. I would love to show you in person what my experience has taught me. I would also love to communicate my excitement for the position to you face-to-face.

Thank you for considering my application no matter what you decide to do. I hope to see you at the next stage of the hiring process, and I look forward to your correspondence.