IT Cover Letter

IT Cover Letter Sample 1

This letter and enclosed resume intend to express my interest in the IT position that is currently advertised. Given my past experience, I am confident that I pose the necessary skills needed to perform the functions of the position.

At a very early age, I knew that I wanted to become an IT professional and set out to pursue my dream after school. In the process of completing my computer engineering degree at University, I realized that the IT field was too wide to be tied down to a specific discipline. Therefore, apart from specializing in hardware and networks, also sought to acquire programming skills. Consequently, I also obtained diplomas in C++, C# and recently Python.

During my early career in 2013, I worked as a network manager for inc. IT. During my tenure at the company, I was responsible for the general maintenance of their office network. Later on, in 2015, I was promoted network administrator and oversaw the company’s entire network system.

My programming training was the feature that set myself apart from the rest as I was able to program, upgrade and maintain the company’s work portal. In short, I created its network interface that incorporated logins and job cards. Although the program itself was not very complicated, I offered me the opportunity to sharpen my security skills.

Being comfortable in both Linux and Windows has also proven to be an asset and has enabled me to incorporate and master a number of networking and programming skills.

The IT world is an ever-changing one and staying on top of the current trends is a near impossible task. However, I consider myself to be highly teachable and relish the opportunity to learn from other experts in the field. I am by no means perfect, but I tend to go to great lengths to expand my own skills and continue to learn.

IT Cover Letter Sample 2

I have been working in IT for the last three years, and during that time, I have developed and learned many skills that I’d love to bring to your company. Throughout my career, and across the many companies I’ve worked for, my roles have rotated around testing and troubleshooting computers and sometimes expanded to providing after sales services to clients.

I have the opportunity to work as part of teams and departments of varying sizes, all of which have been wonderful wells of experience. Throughout my career, I’ve also had the opportunity to work on both new and old model machinery under the best tutelage, a feat I credit with improving my skill set to expert level. I am now comfortable working with any machine, as long as it’s fixable.

My core strengths are speed and technical versatility, which have helped me in all my previous positions of employment and have proven to be necessary skills in my career. I find great pleasure in solving any computer issue as fast as I can so that work can flow smoothly. My work ethic dictates that deadlines must be adhered to and that the final result must always be better than expected.

I know that you’re looking for someone that can work both individually and as part of a team, in addition to being knowledgeable about his/her role. I am confident that with my skill set and years of experience, I am that kind of person. I am also always looking to learn something new, and I am sure this position in your company would be the perfect starting point.

I am always available for further discussion about my career should you need it. I hope my application is positively considered, and I look forward to hearing from you very soon.

IT Cover Letter Sample 3

My career as an IT specialist has given me the wonderful opportunity of working on a wide range of computer systems. Working with computers has also brought me into contact with people of various personalities. These opportunities have been instrumental in my acquiring of important skills like problem-solving, creativity and customer care. Having these skills has made me capable of coming up with solutions to challenging technical problems. I’m also able to interact effectively with customers, colleagues, and management.

Another one of my key strengths is my ability to pay attention to the finest details when it comes to finding flaws in the system operations. Paying attention to detail plays an important role in my being an expert when it comes to troubleshooting and fixing computer bugs. Paying attention to detail is also very important when it comes to setting up complex computer hardware and software. This strength also helps me to able to explain in detail to people who don’t have any training on how computer systems work and how to best troubleshoot the issues that come up.

Due to my experience as an IT specialist, I believe that I’ll be a valuable addition to this department in your company. Anyone who’ll ever come to me with a technical problem will leave with a smile. This is because they’ll find relief in having a professional tending to their technical needs. My professionalism coupled with my great interpersonal skills will be appreciated by your customers/clients and employees alike. I would be very happy to get the opportunity of meeting you in person so we can go over how my experience and expertise will be of benefit to your business. I’m also willing to answer any question that you may have for me.

Thank you for taking your time and considering me for this opening and I look forward to hearing from you as soon as it’s possible for you.

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