Bookkeeper Cover Letter

Bookkeeper Cover Letter Sample 1

Allow me to take this time to thank you in advance for your time and consideration. I am confident that my knowledge, ability, and experience allow me to deliver successful results for a company such as yours.

I’m a dedicated, career-minded individual, who assumes my role with serious focus and meticulous care. I own my responsibilities and I strive to meet all deadlines and complete all tasks with successful results. I am a self-motivated personality, who works well as part of a coordinated team effort, yet I also enjoy taking on the responsibilities of my own role and having that solo time as well.

In my previous job I worked in coordination with the Senior Principals and the Accounting Dept to always maintain the goal of monthly Project profitability, overseeing the Project Managers’ Budgets, contracts, work authorizations, draft invoices, and revenue projections, to ensure they met or exceeded monthly net profit projections, met Accounting deadlines, as well as fulfilling all company legal and financial requirements and policies.

I am currently working at my family’s business assisting with Accounts Receivable, as I perform my job search. I am available for immediate hire. I hope upon review of my resume, you may find me a suitable candidate and will call me to schedule an interview. I would welcome the opportunity to meet with you.

Bookkeeper Cover Letter Sample 2

I am a recent college graduate seeking employment in the financial industry. I’m currently continuing my education in accounting to obtain a license as a CPA. I’m positive that I have the all-around capabilities to contribute to the success of any company and its clients. I am a self-motivated individual with the ability to think outside the box and solve challenging problems. I also adapt well to changing environments and diverse tasks. What excites me about the financial industry is that every day is challenging and unique.

My technical strength is the financial knowledge I gained in pursuing a degree in Finance (Option in Financial Analysis). Related courses I took include Financial and Managerial Accounting, Corporate Finance, Investment Analysis, Investment Management, Quantitative Finance and others mentioned in my resume. Not only did I learn concepts and principles of financial subjects but I also became familiar with applicable uses of financial information in courses such as Quantitative Finance and Investment Analysis. Many lessons in these courses included using Microsoft Excel to construct financial models dealing with subjects such as minimum variance portfolio, using regression analysis to find a stock’s beta, calculating NPV, and calculating IRR.

To add to this, I have strong interpersonal abilities. A strength of mine is the ability to work effectively with others in a professional and respectful manner. I realize the importance of working collectively as a team to achieve larger goals. From group projects to working with co-workers, and playing on sports teams, I developed the capacity to successfully accomplish goals as a team. While I work well with others, I also have the know-how to accomplish goals on my own. I have pride in taking initiative and not having to be reminded of my tasks. While I meet my required responsibilities as an employee, I always surpass what is asked of me in an effort to provide the client and business my best work. Along with this, comes my attention to detail, a small but impactful quality that can make an immense difference for clients and the business. In addition, I understand the importance of time management, accountability, and making deadlines. Through work and school, I developed each of these skills by balancing social, academic, and work life, completing assignments on time, and consistently attending work.

I know that every business strives to operate at the highest standards and expects excellence from its employees. Because of this, I am confident that I have the necessary characteristics a company expects from its employees in order to be great.

Bookkeeper Cover Letter Sample 3

I’m writing in response to your advertisement for employment in your organization. I have extensive experience and knowledge in property management accounting, public and private accounting, business administration, banking, Quickbooks software, and industry custom accounting software.

I have gained extensive hands-on experience in full cycle computer accounting, auditing, financial reporting, budgeting, general ledger, bank reconciliation, payroll, accounts receivables, accounts payable, inventory, purchase order, local, state, and federal tax reporting and software support.

Throughout my career, my devotion and determination to accomplish all assigned projects and positions have earned the support and trust of corporate presidents, department supervisors, and employees.

I’d like the opportunity to express my work experience and how my skill set could contribute to a successful operation with your company.  I’d be happy to supply strong references at your request.

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