Executive Director Cover Letter

Executive Director Cover Letter Sample 1:

I am applying for the job of Executive Director. The advertisement states you are seeking someone with a BA. I can provide you with a MHA Degree. You are seeking someone with excellent management, and leadership skills. I can offer you my management and leadership skils having been a supervisor over a group of 25-30 employees. In this position I was responsible for scheduling, payroll and assisted with the annual budget. My leadership skills were that of having an open-door policy in which my employees knew if there existed a work related problem or if they had a suggestion that my door was open to them and I would make time to see them.

Lastly, you state you are looking for someone with excellent interpersonal skills. Having worked as a nurse for 15+ years I have had the opportunity to meet with both executives and with the families of patients thus I had the opportunity to improve my interpersonal skills overtime.

I am open and willing to learning new skills and feel that with my prior Healthcare knowledge and my newly acquired knowledge in Healthcare Administration that I could afford you business with the means to perform well in this position. I feel that I would make a credible addition to your facility.

Executive Director Cover Letter Sample 2:

As a solutions-focused Administrator with a comprehensive background in policy/procedure development, budgeting, and vendor negotiations, and client development and relationships, I am exploring the available position within your organization as an Executive Director. I am a highly experienced professional with documented contributions in providing superior results, and I am confident I will be a valuable asset to the firms you represent.

I have continuously demonstrated exceptional supervisory and analytical capabilities with a focus on implementing process improvements, developing targeted plans, and delivering solutions within budgets, timelines, and delivery dates. Highlights of my qualifications include:

  • Client development and maintenance including coordinating RFP responses with positive results.
  • Provide valuable information of the types of services being provided to existing clients and identifying potential new services.Proficiently prepared and executed broad range of reporting requirements for firm’s annual audit and multi-state tax return.
  • Managed all facets of the firm’s annual audit, integral to ensuring regulatory compliance.
  • Tracked performance of semi-monthly management meetings with department partners and developed litigation support case management system.

I feel certain my strong initiative and commitment to excellence, coupled with my solid management background will be of immediate value to your organization. Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to your response, and hope to learn more about your client’s plans and goals, and how I can contribute to its success.